We have been providing repairs, service and installations of pumps and pump systems in prisons and other public services for the past decade.

Our specialist team have been trusted for many years by numerous UK prisons in the design, supply and installation of pumps and pump systems across their facilities. These systems have provided efficient systems and made huge energy savings. Our engineers are DBS checked to ensure they do not have any convictions or conditional cautions that are considered to be unspent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, giving you peace of mind.

Shopping Centre Pumps

Water into the property and the requirement to have it delivered to the point of use

Commercial Buildings

Wastewater out - removing the wastewater from the property and disposing of it

Local Authorities

Heating & cooling

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Pump Station Services

SERVICES we offer to Local Authorities

  • System Building & Package Systems
  • Energy Savings & Pump Audits
  • Site installation & Commissioning
  • Pump Repairs
  • Onsite Repairs and Maintenace
  • Maintenance Packages

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As pumping technology develops with new diagnostic software and more advanced pump systems are developed, we often come across old and inefficient systems within the prison service. Having invested in the latest diagnostic and analysis software, we can design the most accurate and long-lasting solutions that make huge savings on both energy consumption and money. With every change we see, we are continually improving and adapting our approach.


We previously helped a high-security prison make over 35% savings in power after a booster pump that had been in service for 20 years started failing.


We have a strong track record in the design, build and installation of booster sets, heating pumps and pressurisation sets, which are often used in prisons. We adapt our systems so they work perfectly for the specific requirements of an establishment, for the most efficient solution possible. Dura Pump is the only fluid control specialist that guarantees increased productivity and profitability for our clients through reliable and efficient solutions.

Local Authorities we work with