What we mean by The critial services sector

Building services are the systems installed in buildings to make them comfortable, functional, efficient and safe for the building users. The building services sector is typically referred to where the building serves people – such as hotels, schools, prisons, hospitals, offices.


To be a successful building manager, ultimately you need to keep everyone happy who use the property. To achieve this you need to ensure reliable systems that meet the building requirements at the right time with minimal breakdown……and of course, you need to make sure costs are controlled. The systems typically included in the Building Services sector include the following in the pump world:


Water into the property and the requirement to have it delivered to the point of use

Office Buildings

Wastewater out - removing the wastewater from the property and disposing of it

Building Sector

Heating & Cooling

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Pump Station Services

SERVICES we offer to the building services

Dura Pump specialises in supporting companies with all aspects of pump management. We have a team of experienced and qualified mechanical and electrical engineers, supported by our state-of-the-art engineering workshop, which enables us to offer you a one-point contact for all your pump and system requirements. We provide the key services you require to ensure your buildings are kept at the optimal performance:

  • System Building & Package Systems
  • Energy Savings & Pump Audits
  • Site installation & Commissioning
  • Pump Repairs
  • Onsite Repairs and Maintenace
  • Maintenance Packages

For any feedback call 01604 648 800 or email customercare@durapump.co.uk


Who is included in the building services sector

Leisure Centres
Sports Arenas and Stadiums
Retail and Shopping Centres
Colleges, Schools, Universities