Whether you are building a single new dwelling or constructing a range of high rise apartments, we back construction projects up with all your foul and stormwater pump station requirements and booster and pressurisation sets. We have specialist staff, knowledge and a vast range of pumps and system solutions to back these projects up

Assessment Services
Pump Station Assessments

Design Provide us with your capacity requirements and drainage layouts, and we will specify the correct size system for storage and the correct pumps for discharge.

Pump Package Tanks
Pump Station Replacements

Manufacture Our Package Tanks will be pre-fitted with the PVC pipework, valves and guide rails ready for a fast and easy installation on site or bespoke on-site builds for larger applications

Construction Pumps
Pump Maintenance

Commissioning Once your Pump Station is installed with the rising main connected and power available, we will install the controls and pumps and commission the station.

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Pump Station Services

SERVICES we offer to the construction Sector

When you are running a construction project, we understand how important it is to have accurate, timely engineering and expert advice to hand when it comes to pumps and pump systems. We have built a store of knowledge and experience which will prove very valuable to your business.


Whether you require a standard package system or bespoke we can offer a full package:


  • System Building & Package Systems
  • Site installation & Commissioning
  • Maintenance Packages

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the right pump at the right price for your application

Our extensive inventory of machinery tools and software ensure we can meet your needs across all the pumps and pump systems you require. Our extensive range of pump manufacturers ensures we have the right pump at the right price for your application.


Construction companies we work with