Our Maintenance Packages Explained

Our Pump Maintenance Packages prevent downtime, reduce unexpected costs and ensure your system is reliable year after year. Choose from our range of standard packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or speak to us about our Platinum programme for a bespoke cover to suit your system’s needs.

Every pump and system requires its own specialist service from an expert. Our engineers are qualified and experienced in the maintenance of virtually every manufacturer’s products to protect your entire system.


We believe in comprehensive checks to ensure the system is checked thoroughly, and we provide a service report after every visit. Not only is this informative, but often a statutory requirement for insurance and compliance.


Proserv provides you with proactive pump maintenance across your business. There are a variety of different service levels, which we use to form a tailored plan to suit your ever-changing needs.


We offer 3 key service packages, and if none of these suit you, we can provide a bespoke package just for you – this is our Platinum level.


Our range of packages


Proserv Contract Level Bronze Silver Gold Details
Preventative Maintenance We will recommend what’s needed and how often, depending on your site(s) and equipment.
Technical support Telephone support from our expert team helps you to solve issues as quickly as possible.
Wearing Parts Discount 0% 5% 10% Even with the best system design, parts will wear. You gain a corresponding level of discount on the spares when this happens.
Online Portal Asset Management A comprehensive online portal containing service reports, certificates, asset history location, details – Login to Dura Connect
Health Check/Electrical Service We attend site and carry out a visual check on all pumps including, heating and chillers. We then report findings and make recommendations
Energy Savings We assess all of your pump systems annually, for areas where you could save energy.
Remote Monitoring (SMS etc.) This allows us to monitor your system remotely, so we can prevent potential issues and respond accordingly.
Emergency Callouts Callouts per annum Should your pump system block or fail due to something unforeseen, we will attend site in a timely manner, inspect your system and recommend solutions.


Remote Monitoring

If your system has a remote monitoring system installed to send messages in the event of a fault or simply a warning of a pending failure, we can remotely monitor the unit for you, and respond accordingly. The level of response can be chosen by you.


Don’t have a remote monitoring system, and would like one, contact one of our team for further details.

Why have a maintenance package or programme? Because Prevention is better than cure.


It is a proven fact that a well-maintained pump system is far less likely to give you unexpected issues or fail prematurely.


Most of us can relate this to our own car or vehicle we drive. If it wasn’t regularly serviced, it would breakdown or could lead to an accident. It would also have an impact on the actual life and overall cost of the vehicle. To drive a vehicle and not service it is unthinkable.


A pump system is not any different. Regular servicing is so important as it can help prevent expensive problems from arising, thus minimising the chance of a breakdown, or even a catastrophic failure. We also ensure that your pump is running as efficiently as it can be, which also saves you money.


When we service a system, we carry out a full assessment and check that all the relevant components and settings are correct. This ensures the system is running at its optimal level. We can then see if anything is getting to the end of its life and requires attention before the system fails, which is then brought to your attention.


In short, proactive pump maintenance will:


  • Save you money
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Extend the life of your system



Typical pump systems maintained are as follows

  • Booster Sets
  • Pressurisation Sets
  • Pump Stations
  • Muncher or Macerators
  • Dosing systems
  • Interceptors
  • Heating Pumps
  • Sump Pumps
  • Pool Pumps
  • Chiller Pumps
  • Progressive cavity
  • Peristaltic pumps