The challenge

After 20 years of service, an old booster set at a high-security prison was failing. We were set two challenges, to supply and install a new booster set before the old one failed, the old pump set had three cast-iron centrifugal pumps of 15kW, and one jockey pump of 5.5kW.


The set was controlled by pressure switches and had star/delta starters for the pumps. It was mounted on a very substantial steel base weighing around 2.5 tons. We were also requested to install a new booster within six hours of the old one being decommissioned.

The solution

We designed and built a triple-pump booster set on a skid unit. The boosters we selected were 15kW multistage pump units with Lowara Hydrovar inverter controls.


As part of the design, we positioned the connections differently and so prefabricated stainless steel pipework and bellows to reduce downtime. We designed monitoring using three pressure transducers, one for each Hydrovar. We pre-commissioned the set, enabling us to reach the install time target.


The results

The booster set was ready for installation within two weeks, despite a little delay from the pump manufacturers. On the day of installation, we beat the six-hour downtime target by an hour, and the water was back on in five hours. Also, the prison benefited from more than 35% savings in power and a reduction in constant water pressure which has reduced the wear and tear on the pumps, pipework and valves.