With energy costs constantly rising, Warwick Hospital approached leading industry specialists Dura Pump on how to save energy by assessing the efficiency of their heating pump systems.


Dura Pump had the task of carrying out an assessment of the hospital’s current systems to see where energy was being wasted and to make recommendations to reduce energy consumption. The challenge was that many of the pumps in use were relatively new and seemed to have sufficient controls in place.

The Solution

After a careful analysis of the systems, the team at Dura Pump found a number of pumps which could be optimised to increase their efficiency. This process involved replacing four pumps with a more efficient pump design resulting in a smaller motor.


In cases such as this, it is sometimes possible to reduce energy consumption using inverter drives, but due to the pump applications, in this case, inverters were not necessary. Instead, Dura Pump was able to trim the impellor of the pumps to achieve the exact duty required.


The Result

As a result of these changes, almost £2,500 will be saved each year on the hospital’s energy bills- meaning that the whole project will pay for itself in only 33 months.