The Challenge

A highly organised community school, which caters for children with a range of needs, was suffering persistent and troublesome problems with the pumps supplying their hydrotherapy pool. This is a wonderful facility for the school and the failures were causing unnecessary disruption to their day to day activities.


We were called to the site and found their swimming pool pumps to be cavitating. After carrying out an in-depth investigation of the system, we found the pumps had been incorrectly specified and were, therefore, running off the curve and causing the cavitation. This cavitation was also leading the motors to regularly overheat and the bearings to fail constantly, resulting in regular breakdowns and repairs. For more information on cavitation view our Dura Pump Guide – What is cavitation?

The Solution

We specified the correct pumps to suit the existing system, which included ABB inverters. The pumps supplied were KSB Etabloc pumps, which we were able to reduce in size by 1kW.


The Results

Not only has this solved the persistent breakdowns and failures which are costly and inconvenient, but coupled with an extra 1kW saving per pump on energy they will also make significant energy savings!