The Challenge

Dura Pump were excited to work on a new, modern state-of-the-art dessert production factory, who required assistance with upgrading their submersible pump station.


They needed an increased flow rate from their wastewater pump station and also greater control, to meet the demands of the new production facilities. The pipework that had already been installed was only 50mm in diameter and could not be replaced, so Dura Pump were tasked with finding a solution.


Dura Pump assessed the situation and specified a new control panel with HMI touchscreen and connections to a Siemens Scada system.


The control panel was built to their exact specification and included timing functions for set-time processes, remote monitoring and alarms. The pump control panels were ideal for this commercial application. Two larger high head Rotomec submersible pumps were also fitted to the 50mm pipework.


The Results

Dura Pump successfully increased the pressure in the pipework, providing the desired flow. The client was delighted with the results, noting “The system is operating perfectly, and requires a further 2 systems.”