The Challenge

When this residential establishment encountered a burning issue within their chilled water cooling system, it was time to call out a specialist – and fast! Their two 15kW belt drive pumps were not only highly inefficient but were also posing a serious fire risk.


One of their pumps had completely seized up as it had burnt through the belt and was now setting off the building’s fire alarm system. The fire brigade had already attended the site due to the alarm, but when the problem couldn’t be identified the Dura Pump team were called out to assess the issue.

The Solution

Our team found the root of the problem, the seized pump, and set about coming up with the best solution to get them up and running. They took down all the details and provided a quote to replace the belt drive pumps with direct drive centrifugal pumps with Danfoss inverters.


These new replacement pumps are 11kW and able to withstand peak demand even in temperatures above 25 degrees. They also only require 7.5kW, which is half the power requirement of the original pumps!

The system now works on differential pressure transducers and the pump is able to monitor the demand and deliver the results to suit.


The Results

They now have a much more reliable pump system, and with the belts removed they have reduced their maintenance requirements and any potential fire hazards. In addition, the increased efficiency in their centrifugal pumps is sure to provide this happy customer with a fantastic payback!