The Challenge

An NHS hospital needed a way to monitor the levels of their potable and softened water tanks remotely. Due to the hospital layout, the tanks were four floors away from the pumps and connecting the two would be a major issue. Laying over 500 metres of cable between the tank and the pumps to monitor the level of the liquid in the tanks remotely would have caused significant disruption to the hospital and potentially hindered services.

The Solution

After hearing the requirements of the client, the Dura Pump team decided that a submersible pressure transducer linked to a PLC would be the best solution. By using this solution, there was no need for cables to be laid and the system would deliver local level readouts between the tank and the pumps. Our engineers attended the site and linked the control panel with the booster set pumps via radio transmitters and then linked the PLC to the transmitters. No cable and minimal disruption.


The Results

The solution that Dura Pump supplied eliminated the need for days of labour and disruption fitting the cable. It also removed the extra cost this would have caused the hospital on top of other potential issues. Linking the tanks and the pumps now allows the hospital to receive accurate readings and monitor the potable and softened water tanks that supply the hospital wards and other key areas of the busy hospital.

Products in use at Remote water level system monitoring saves NHS hospital time and money