The challenge

The hospital called us in frustration at around 9 a.m. one morning, after having waited six weeks for its existing supplier to repair a failed twin head heating pump. It was still not back and by now, the second pump head had failed and the hospital had no heating in one of its wings. This could prove dangerous to patients.


To add to the challenge, the pump in question was no longer in production and spares were limited. We needed to move fast, and the hospital was 90 minutes away from our workshop.

The solution

We were on-site by midday the same day and took a thorough look at the system. The failed pump was so old that we recommended a suitable replacement pump and arranged for an emergency next-day delivery. We knew that the new pump would mean that pipework modifications were needed, so we made them there and then.


We returned the following morning as soon as we received the new pump, completed the installation and the heating was working again straight away.


The results

As a result of our quick response, patients’ comfort and health was not compromised, the heating was running and the hospital had a new, very reliable pump. The hospital team called Dura Pump the following day to thank us and signed off our work as ‘Excellent’.