The Challenge

A busy food production company were fed up of being plagued with persistent submersible pump failures and the team at Dura Pump were challenged to find a solution.


This food production plant was producing a large volume of waste and suffered from persistent failures with their 5.5kW Grundfos submersible pumps. They needed a long-term solution to avoid costly repairs and enable production to keep flowing.

The Solution

The Dura Pump solution was to specify 2 new Rotomec RS vortex pumps with a 75mm solid handling capacity. This pump was the perfect solution for the amount of waste being produced, being self-contained with a built-in sealed motor which can pump effectively even when completely submerged in fluid.


The Results

For over 18 months they have not suffered from any breakdowns or failures; a great result! Due to the success of the new pumps, Dura Pump has just supplied another two pumps for a further pit, taking away those painful and costly persistent breakdowns.