The Challenge

When a large global heat treatment company needed our help to update their tired 20-year-old pump system, we were up to the challenge.


The ageing system was experiencing regular failures, and if it were to fail entirely production would come to a complete standstill. Not only was it costly to maintain, but it was also highly inefficient and had no provision for additional capacity for growth in the company. They came to us looking for a complete system update, with increased flow rate for additional equipment on site, the potential to save on energy, and simpler controls for the day to day ease of operation.

The Solution

We specified a new pump system as well as pipework, sensors and a control panel. The pumps were mounted on a skid frame, for fast and quick installation, and were all inverter driven. We also supplied inverter driven cooling tower fans, which are temperature controlled and vary speed to maintain a constant temperature for the process water.


The pumps are pressure controlled and vary speed to maintain a constant pressure regardless of demand. The system monitors the hot and cold well temperatures and levels, adjusting the pump speed accordingly, and maintains the water level by topping it up with fresh water.


The Results

They are now back to full production with a brand-new and highly energy-efficient system with simpler controls and additional capacity for their ever-growing factory.