The Challenge

A large cooling tower system in a manufacturing process responsible for producing pet food on a mass scale was operating 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. The units that made up the system were originally designed to operate at full speed constantly. With six 18.5kW cooling tower fans running at a high capacity for a substantial amount of time, an excessive amount of power was being consumed. Lack of space for a control system and panel to enable better control was causing power to be used on an increased scale.

The Solution

To help the system operate more efficiently, the Dura Pump team built a bespoke control panel with 6 x 18.5 kW Grundfos inverters. This system would also control the fan speed according to the return water temperature.


The Results

The new controls to the cooling tower system now help the manufacturer save over 50% on energy. The fans now modulate according to the return water temperature, guaranteeing they run slower and less often. Instead of running at full speed when the capacity is not required, the system runs at a variable speed in accordance with the cooling demand. As well as energy savings, there is less wear and tear on the fans and motors and an additional saving on water due to less evaporation.