The Challenge

Oracle is a world-leading software company, boasting 420,000 customers in more than 145 countries around the globe. When the company began to experience persistent issues with the heating system in its UK headquarters – based in Reading – the management called the Dura Pump team for help.


The repeated failures were causing a huge amount of disruption to Oracle’s day-to-day business in the building. They needed to end the cycle of breakdowns, and the subsequent cost in company downtime.


The primary cause of the issue was the customer’s old belt drive pumps being run on the heating system. These were malfunctioning frequently, and running inefficiently even at the best of times.

The Solution

To prevent future failures, our engineers went straight to the root of the issue. We replaced their belt drive pumps with a newer, more modern centrifugal pump. These are not only more reliable, but more energy and cost efficient.


We also installed a set of ABB inverter drives, giving the client greater control and a further boost to efficiency. This enables the pumps to run only when required and according to demand – rather than operating flat-out all-day long.


The Result

With a modernised system, tailored to their needs, the team at Oracle HQ can rely on a stable, dependable heating system. What’s more, our centrifugal pumps saved 20% on energy use over the old belt drive pumps – with a further 35% energy saving thanks to the newly installed inverter drives.