The Challenge

A motor-mounted inverter had failed on a single-head Grundfos TPE pump at a busy NHS General Hospital. The TPE pump supplied hot water to the hospital, providing key services for both patients and staff. The inverter had failed due to a leaking pipe above the system that was causing debilitating water damage. As this pump supplied hot water to a section of the hospital, it was critical to get a fast and effective replacement installed with minimal downtime so that services would not be disrupted.

The Solution

Due to the nature of the breakdown and the urgency for hot water, we removed the failed inverter and installed a stand-alone inverter which we held in stock. The new inverter was programmed to suit all of the requirements of the hospital.


The Results

The NHS Hospital was back up and running the same day and hot water was restored everywhere it was needed. The pandemic has highlighted the need for sanitisation more than ever and a quick solution was required to ensure the ultimate levels of hygiene were maintained. The NHS has supported us before and during this crisis and will continue to be there for us after this challenging period, and we were there to offer a 999 service to the NHS.


A quick solution was achievable due to our expert knowledge of multiple makes of pumps and pump systems. This resulted in a quick installation and solution, providing a small timeframe to source the correct replacement parts without the client suffering extended downtime.