The Challenge

Glazpart is a leading player designing and manufacturing Plastic Glazing Accessories for the Fenestration Industry and has specialised knowledge in Glazing Accessory and Ventilation products. The company approached Dura Pump in order to find ways of making energy savings.


Our engineer attended the site at Glazpart and found very quickly that there were two 51 kW pumps which were running at full speed most days of the year. Every night, an engineer was having to turn them off, alternate the pumps and then in the morning, turn them back on. Our challenge was to save Glazpart as much energy and money as possible and reduce the need for an engineer to control the pumps.

The Solution

We analysed the system by taking pressure readings and measuring flow requirements. With this careful system review, we specified two KSB Etabloc pumps with 30kW motors, along with Danfoss inverters and suitable controls.


Once we had completed the installation, we programmed the inverters to monitor the temperature of the chilled water and control the pumps accordingly. We also automated the pumps, turning them on and off at specific times and alternating duty.


The Result

An approximate annual saving of £22,000 on energy will be achieved as a result of the reduced motor size and inverter controls. This means the project a payback time is just under 10 months. The full system automation means that the pumps turn on and off at the correct times and alternate accordingly. The saving in on-site engineering time and the reduced risk of human error adds to the benefits.