The Challenge

A large manufacturing plant needed assistance with their heat exchanger pump and, being an industry-leading pump specialist, Dura Pump were asked to assess the situation and come up with the best possible solution.


The plant had a failing Grundfos TP heating pump and needed a replacement fast. To receive an exact replacement pump would mean a 3-week wait and if the original pump were to fail production would come to halt. Dura Pump were required to provide an efficient solution to prevent the failure affecting productivity on the plant.

The Solution

The response was to specify a replacement Grundfos model and small spacer to match the existing pipework. From receiving the initial call to supply was just 3 days.


The Results

Dura Pump were able to provide an ideal solution before the original pump failed. With no breakdown, there was no production loss and the client was relieved to avoid the costly repercussions of a pump failure. A definite all-round success!