The challenge

We received a call from Shaw Healthcare one afternoon, saying they had a major problem with the water booster at one of their nursing homes. We were advised that their fixed speed cold water booster had failed, so we immediately attended their site to identify the issue and how we could solve it.


We found that it was the control panel rather than the pumps that had failed and it was our challenge to get the nursing home up and running as soon as possible, in the most cost-effective way.

The solution

The solution we proposed to Shaw Healthcare was for the control panel to be replaced by three Hydrovar inverters. This would mean that the day-to-day operators would have greater control over the system and the performance. This was approved and we were able to carry out the installation the following day.


The result

The installation was carried out successfully within 36 hours of receiving the emergency call. This reduced the possible downtime dramatically and furthermore, the system was now variable speed driven. Instead of the system achieving between two and four-bar, constant pressure of two and a half bar was achieved. Not only did this give a better customer experience for residents, but it also made between 30% to 40% savings on the energy bill. Three months later, we had some brilliant feedback, and this comment from the Facilities Manager at Shaw Healthcare: ‘a staggering statistic which has come out of this was that we have reduced our use of water by 96%.’