The Challenge

A large, well-known banking tower block, with significant assets and pumping equipment, was being charged £0.12/kW and wanted to save on energy bills.


The facilities team at the tower block called on Dura Pump to help them.

The Solution

Many of the building’s pumps already had inverters installed on them, and our engineers found lots of options to recommend.  As a trial, we were asked to focus on the main chiller pumps (two no.55 kW Armstrong pumps), so the client could assess the outcomes, predicted at an energy saving of 35%.


We carried out a full system analysis and decided on a differential pressure route.  We used the existing inverters and pumps, but installed and programmed differential pressure transducers.


The Result

These improvements generated well above the predicted 35% – in fact, we helped make a 42% energy saving on the chiller pumps. This was during the hottest part of summer when the pumps would have been used most heavily.


Consequently, the client is expecting to make savings of 50% throughout the year. Here at Dura Pump, we are looking forward to carrying out the rest of the energy-saving work that needs doing and making even more of a difference.